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07-21-21Eid Haj, and Ethiopia-Egypt Nile Dam controversy

July 25, 2021

07-21-21Eid Haj, and Ethiopia-Egypt Nile Dam controversy

Season 1, Episode 16

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Wednesday July 21, 2021 at 8 AM EST

We have a great lineup of guests and topics this morning … I want to begin by offering my best wishes to all Muslims on this important Holiday this week … Eid al Udha … Eid Mubarak everyone … I hope you have a blessed Eid holiday ..

First, we’re going to look at the Hajj to Saudi Arabia and how the Saudis have protected Haj pilgrims during this important Eid al Udha holiday with Arab News reporter Mohamed Al-Kinani who is in Mecca. The cell phone connection may be weak but we will try nonetheless.

Then we will examine the mounting crisis between Ethiopia and Egypt over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) that is significantly reducing water flow from the Blue Nile, which provides a majority of the water to the Nile as it runs north through Sudan and Egypt. The project is creating a large reservoir of water but that is reducing the water flow significantly and potentially can create havoc for Egypt whose river communities depend on the water for their crops and industries …

With us this morning are two journalists, the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief at the Ethiopian Ifriqiyah Media and Communications agency, Omer Redi Ahmed who is based in Washington DC, and we have Egyptian American journalist and political analyst Mohamed Elsetouhi from the New York bureau of Frontcom LLC. Elsetouhi previously worked for Alghad TV an

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