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AIPAC funds attacks against American candidates who challenge Israel’s polices

July 20, 2022

The Ray Hanania Radio Show July 20, 2022, S2 Everything 16

AIPAC funds attacks against American candidates who challenge Israel's polices

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Topic: Who runs American elections. American voters or AIPAC the massive funding mechanism that targets any American candidate who criticizes Israel or supports compromise and peace based on two-states.

In Segment 1: Huwaida Arraf on her candidacy in Michigan's 10th District and the mudslinging by the pro-Israel extremists and AIPAC which try to control America's elections. The election is August 2. Arraf's website is

Segment 2: we talk with Dale Sprusansky assistant editor at the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs on AIPAC, Israel's powerful lobby that targets critics of Israel's government in American elections. They spent more than $6 million to defeat the re-election of Donna F. Edwards in Maryland's 11th District election. It's an outrageous sum of money funded by super PAC that avoids many of the restrictions in Congressional elections. For more information on AIPAC funding visit

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