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Ray Hanania Radio Show: 2 candidates for Chicago Mayor Raymond Lopez and Dr Willie Wilson

September 7, 2022

Ray Hanania Radio Show: 2 candidates for Chicago Mayor Raymond Lopez and Dr Willie Wilson

The Ray Hanania Radio Show Sept. 7, 2022

Hosted by US Arab Radio Network, sponsored by Arab News

Today we are going to speak with two guests who are running for mayor of the city of Chicago, the 3rd largest city in America ... both have publicly spoken out in defense of Arab & Muslim American rights during past year. it's not something all the candidates have done or will do. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, for example, has targeted Arab and Muslim store owners, while others have not outreached to the Arab American community in a significant way & her anti-Arab predecessor Rahm Emanuel, who is now U S Ambassador to Japan

In Segment 1:  Raymond Lopez candidate for Mayor in Chicago, was first elected to the Chicago City Council in 2015 and re-elected in 2019 ... he has been an outspoken advocate for Arab American and Muslim American rights to ensure they are treated equally no different than any other ethnic, racial or religious group in the city of Chicago ... his campaign website is

Segment 2: Dr. Willie Wilson, is probably the wealthiest candidate running for mayor of Chicago having committed $9 million to his election ... Dr. Wilson has been generous to the people of Chicago donating gas cards, food, water and during COVID PPE and masks ... he has also been very openly supportive of the Arab American and Muslim American communities in the city of Chicago and Chicagoland. His website is


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