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O5-04-22 Raymond Lopez on anti-Arab racism in Chicago; And, update on Iran

May 5, 2022

The Ray Hanania Show for May 4, 2022, S2E5

topics include two segments; the first on discrimination in Chicago against Arabs and Muslims; and the second on the Iranian resistance urging tougher sanctions on Iran

In Segment 1, we're going to speak with Raymond Lopez, alderman of Chicago's 15th Ward ... Alderman Lopez was one of the first to speak out against Mayor Lori Lightfoot's targeting of Arab Stores for closure last summer ... Mayor Lightfoot closed 150 mostly Arab owned businesses but re-opened them thanks to the help of Ald. Lopez who joined the Arab business owners at a press conference in Sept. demanding she explain her actions.... rather than explain Mayor Lightfoot immediately reopened the businesses and has tried to avoid the subject since ...

Alderman Lopez is also an announced candidate for the February 2023 Chicago Mayor elections .... and I think he is going to do very well ...

In Segment 2, we'll look at Iran's continued efforts to build a nuclear weapon and how they are using the JCPOA negotiations in Vienna to give them more time to advance their nuclear weapons industry and get closer to the bomb with our guest Shahin Gobadi, a member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and spokesperson for the

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