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Yemen Reporter Saeed Al-Batati on Houthi violence; Cornelia Meyer on Global Anti-Corruption Coalition

June 11, 2021

Yemen Reporter Saeed Al-Batati on Houthi violence; Cornelia Meyer on Global Anti-Corruption Coalition

On this week’s "The Ray Hanania Radio Show," guests included Saeed Al-Batati, an Arab News reporter, discussing  the violence in Yemen and the lack of coverage over the tragedies occurring there, and Business writer Cornelia Meyer on the Global Anti-Corruption Coalition as well as the lack of vaccinations for Third World Countries and the recent Aramco Bond issue

Segment 1: Reporter Saeed Al-Batati talked about his coverage of Yemen.

This week the Iranian Houthis fired a missile that killed 17 people, including a 5-year-old child. A 5-year-old child who was unlucky twice in her short life, once in the fact that she born in a country that is unsafe, and the second time when she was killed during a barrage of attacks. Saeed is a Yemeni reporter and during the interview he expressed his frustration with the lack of coverage and outrage over the horrible mistreatment of Yemeni citizens by the Iranian Houthis. He then went on to discuss how this lack of coverage removes any pressure on the Houthis and eliminates any possibility for things to change for the better.

In Segment 2,Cornelia Meyer, Arab News Op-Ed columnist and business writer, discussed several issues from corruption to vaccinations. To begin they discussed the Global Anti-Corruption Coalition, which shows the nations bonding together to fight anti-corruption on a global scale and gives more support to national efforts. Even though it might not seem the most crucial during Covid-19, as Cornelia stated during the interview, “You have to keep the eye on the ball.” Corruption is a global problem that will continue through elections, pandemics, wars, etc and it cannot be overlooked.

Following the discussion about the Global Anti-Corruption Coalition, Ray and Cornelia discussed vaccinations in the Middle East and the wide disparity in vaccinated population percentages between developed and developing countries. It is important for 1st world countries such as the USA to help lesser developed countries because unless the whole world gets vaccinated, there will be a continuous development of new mutations of the virus.

The interview then shifted to the USA and the new bill passed by the Senate aimed to bolster technological and industrial capacity in the technology and innovation space. While the US seems to be a very divided country, with Republicans and Democrats constantly disagreeing, having China as a common foe managed to unite the opposing sides and pass the bill by 68-32 votes.
The segment with Cornelia then finished off with a discussion about the recent Aramco Bond issue.

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